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Equine Muscles Video

Sharon is a world-renowned research scientist, equine therapist and lecturer. She offers an inspiring expertise in the biomechanics and musculoskeletal system of horses. 

Her 55+ minute 'Equine Muscles' Video' provides an in-depth understanding of the palpable equine muscles, illustrates their locations and shows their relationships from nose to tail. Horse owners and equestrian industry professionals alike will find this a useful and accessible resource.
This video is being sold on behalf of the Equine Therapies Association of Australia (



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Reiki Gift Certificates

Reiki Gift Certificates are the perfect solution when you just can't find the right gift or you simply want to give your loved one a special gift to remember. Gift Certificates make a perfect present for friends, family, and business associates and are suitable for any occasion.
Gift Certificates can be purchased for a single treatment or a course of treatments, and may be used for 'hands on' Reiki treatments or distance healing sessions.

(+ postage: $5)

Reiki Workshop Gift Certificate
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Reiki Distance Healing

Because Reiki energy is not limited by time or distance, Reiki healing can be sent to you without you or your loved one being present. This means you don't have to be in the same room, city or even country to receive a Reiki treatment from a practitioner. Distance healing can be just as powerful as if you are in the same room as the practitioner receiving a hands on treatment. Healing can be sent to both people and animals all over the world.
This can be a perfect solution if you are not able to attend an appointment in person or you would like to arrange healing for a loved one or animal.
Normally distance healing is sent over a series of days for a set amount of time for each of those days. This is particularly useful for people in hospital about to undergo surgery, people who are bedridden, or unable to attend for a personal 'hands on' treatment for any reason. Healing can be sent to assist you or your animals recover from health or emotional issues.
Healing is arranged at a designated time, preferably when you or your loved one or animal are resting. If you've arranged a course of treatments, healing will be arranged at the same time each day until your course has been completed. To get the most out of your healing it's recommended you set aside 30 minutes so you can relax during the healing.
Please provide contact details when arranging your Distance Healing so we can set up a suitable time for healing to be sent.


Tissue Mobilisation Techniques Book & DVD


The book is 92pages and covers 33 new techniques as well as body checks, range of motion checks and an introduction to the soft tissues, skeleton & joints.  It is beautifully presented and features the horses from Circus Joseph Ashton.  It won't be launched until Equitana, but if you would like to pre order a copy at the Equitana Special price.

This 45min DVD takes the viewer through palpation techniques, as well as a variety of specific Tissue Mobilisation techniques aimed at mobilising the poll, shoulder, knee, spine, pelvis, hip, stifle and hock. 

(+ postage: $8.25)

Basic Massage Techniques Book & DVD

The Basic Massage Techniques Book written by Jessica Blackwell from Equestricare has been designed to help horse owners understand the many benefits of massage. It has been put together in an easy to use manner so that people of all skills can follow it in order to give their horses a basic massage to increase their health, well being and performance. It covers bony landmarks, 37 different muscles, a 30 step massage routine, 20 stretches with lots of colour photographs and illustrations. A must for any horse enthusiast!!

This is a 40minute instructional dvd on massage moves, stretches and a good warm up and cool down routine for your horse. Professionally edited & produced in Australia.

ISBN 978-0-9871774-1-4

(+ postage: $8.25)

Essential Oil Spotlight eBook 

This E-Book comprises 70 different essential oil and essential oil blends "one page spotlights" 
to help quickly identify what oils are best for a variety of issues and complaints.   After purchuse you can be added to the mailing list and will receive an extra free Spotlight every month.


Posture and Performance

Hardcover by Gillian Higgins

From the author of the hugely successful titles How Your Horse Moves and Horse Anatomy for Performance, comes a completely different training manual, also based on the Horses Inside Out philosophy: 'Understanding Anatomy Improves Performance and Reduces the Risk of Injury'. Divided into three main parts: Principles of Anatomical Riding and Training; Exercises for Horse and Rider; Troubleshooting, the book contains a wealth of practical tips and exercises broken down into easy to follow, well-illustrated steps showing how riders can improve their riding skills and potential. The author suggests ways to improve horses' physique, posture, flexibility, stability, core strength, performance and movement and how to reduce muscular and movement problems, and reduce the risk of injury. This beautifully illustrated book looks at how to deliver a safe, varied, fun, effective and achievable training programme. It provides all the ingredients for riders to make informed decisions to maximise their own and their horse's potential, gain more enjoyment, satisfaction and improve their skills


Anatomy for Performance

Hardcover by Gillian Higgins

 Building on the success of How Your Horse Moves, it examines the anatomy of the 11 systems of the horse and explains how anatomy influences the way we manage, ride and train our horses.

Beautifully illustrated with new paintings and diagrams it really brings anatomy to life and clearly explains the importance, relevance and interaction between each of the anatomical systems relaying the information in a practical, clear easy to understand format.

Of interest to riders, therapists, students and indeed anyone with the best interest of the horse at heart it is visually appealing, original and easily understandable,

"Finally a book where you can learn how your horse ticks -inside out- and it is easy to understand and fun to read.A must for every serious equestrian."
Dr. W. Bechtolsheimer

(+ postage: $13.60)

How Your Horse Moves


By Gillian Higgins

Commissioned by the leading publishers David and Charles and written by popular request from riders, coaches, students and lecturers this long awaited book is now available.

Gain insight into how your horse works. 

  • Understand how bones and muscles work together to produce movement by seeing the musculoskeletal system painted on Freddie, Henry and friends.

  • Discover how correct riding and training can bring out the best in your horse – by seeing exactly what happens as he moves.


  • Learn how to  increase fitness, strength and balance.


  • Practical exercises and stretches demonstrate how you can improve suppleness, reduce the risk of injury develop a deeper rapport with your horse.

(+ postage: $13.60)

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