Jessica Blackwell


Equine Sports Massage / Myofascial Release / Red Light Therapy / Equine Bodywork Deep Tissue Mobilisation / Herbal Medicine

Sietske Nobel

Equi Balance

Equine Bowen / Red Light Therapy / Stretching / Rehabilitation / Aromatherapy / Barefoot trimming & hoof specialist

Ros Maindok

Equestricare (NOR)

Equine Sports Massage, Red Light Therapy

Jeanette Denham

Equine Bowen Therapist

Nancy Ellison-Murray

RESET Equine

Reiki / Physical Therapeutics / Myofascial Release / Stress Point Therapy

Sandra Hall

KISS Horsecare

Equine Sports Massage, Equine Touch & Aus Certified Hoofcare Practitioner

Kerri Gibbs


Equine Sports Massage, Equine Touch & Aus Certified Hoofcare Practitioner Trainee

Cathy Smyth

Realign Equine (SOR)

Equine Sports Massage

Janine Bell

Whole Herd Therapies

Equine and Canine Bowen Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Integrated body therapies

Kelly Dean

Cheval Dynamics

Emmett 4 Horses, Equine & rider Bodywork, Reflexologist, Saddle Fitter, Bridle & bit fitting, saddlery repairs & custom bridles

Area serviced: Perth- Kununurra

Rachael Brown

Rachael Brown Equine Sports Therapist

Equine Sports Therapist

John & Danielle Mottram

Muscle Balance – Emmett Therapy

Emmett Therapy

Joanne Douglas

Equine Therapies WA

EMMETT Therapy

Area serviced: Mid west, Gascoyne and Wheatbelt – coastal (Jurien Bay)

Danielle Flynn

Canine Acupressure & Bowen Therapy

Kinesiology, Equine Acupressure, Canine Bowen Therapy, Flower Essence

Patrick Bricoccoli

Avantage Equine Massage Therapy

Equine sports massage, Red light therapy, Reiki, Human massage, Equine & human reconnective healing

Rosie Atkins

Rosie Atkins Equine Therapy

Equine Sports Massage

Jessica Norton

Equine Integrity

Equine Sports Massage

Amelia Radford

Amelia Radford Equine Massage & Performance

Equine Sports Massage

Area serviced: South West & Perth region

Kelly Cracknell

Body Language Equine

Equine Sports Massage

Kate Doran

Effectus Equine Sports Services

Equine Sports Massage, Equitape practitioner

Cilla Wilson

Apache Animals

Equine Bodyworker, EMMETT, B. AG Business, Post Grad Dip Equine Science

Area Serviced: Perth & surrounding areas

Sydelle Bland

Connected Equine Therapy

Equine Sports Massage, Red light therapy

Area Serviced: Brigadoon & surrounding areas

Charlotte Moore

CM Horsemanship

Bowen Therapy

Area Serviced: WA

Susan Gill

Equine Emmett Therapy

Emmett 4 Horses