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About ETAA

Equine Therapies Association of Australia Inc (ETAA) was founded in mid 2013 by Jessica Blackwell ( and Kirsty Swinton ( two equine sports therapists in Australia who saw a need for an independent equine therapies association to provide support to members, networking opportunities and educational opportunities for therapists in the industry, as well as improve the recognition of qualifications in the industry.

Together with the support of a group of bodyworkers Australia wide the ETAA was born.

Our Mission

ETAA’s mission is to improve recognition, education and standards of equine therapies in Australia, to ensure the client receives services from a fully trained and qualified therapist and to maintain a high standard of practice and code of conduct by all it’s members.

Our Goals

  • To make education & knowledge in equine therapies accessible to the general public.
  • To fund educational opportunities and research in the fields of equine therapies.
  • To provide a code of conduct for members of the Association, and to ensure that the required standards are maintained.
  • To increase recognition of qualified equine practitioners in all fields of equine therapies. To foster communication between all types of equine therapies.
  • To maintain a database of qualified and student therapists

Committee Members

Jemma Moon


Jemma Moon from Muscle Sense - Horse and Rider Fitness & Conditioning is our President for 2021.

Jemma is a qualified equine therapist and public health specialist. As a mum and rider that retuned to the sport after a break, she realised her passion was to incorporate rider fitness and wellbeing with horse conditioning. Patterns of tension in our horses can often relate to our riding or position and without working with both we don’t always seem the improvements we want for our riding.

Jemma is an advocate of therapist tools and is a keen supporter of Spectra Vet laser and red light therapy.

A keen adult rider who competes regularly eventing is most passionate about education and life long learning. The well-being of our horses is up to us to keep learning and improving our management of their care. Horses were not designed for sport or riding, so it is imperative we don’t forget that no matter the level of riding we pursue they are still athletes.

Adelle Walsh

Vice Chair

For as long as I can remember I was obsessed with horses, my first horse was one of those horses that are all the reasons you don’t want to own a Thoroughbred, particularly not as a first time owner. One of the very first things I did when I got him home was call the vet. You know the ones, always hurting themselves and not known for their sensibility, and the rest as they say, is history. Fast forward a few years to my admission to the university of Queensland’s’ Gatton campus in the Bachelor of Equine Science. Towards the end of my degree I began to consider what this would lead me to, how can I take what I have learned, and how to use it to benefit horses? And so One Horse 1 Health was born. Because that’s what I’m really passionate about! Helping horses! This led to further study, so I am now a qualified equine sports therapist with Equestricare. Plus I have a host of other influences whose teachings have set me on the path I am on today… from Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Prof. Robert Bowker, Gillian Higgins, Reiner Klimke and more. I have dabbled in most modalities of equine therapy including psychology and behaviour. I am passionate about equine health and welfare, and I understand how valuable an integrated approach is when managing and rehabilitating horses. I see lots more ongoing study for me, and I love taking what I know and using it to improve the health, welfare and performance of horses. Teaching their owners everything I know and learning more than a thing or two along the way. I look forward to serving on the ETAA committee in the coming months and being involved in whatever new and exciting things are on the way now COVID will allow it.

Maggie Ashley


Maggie is a sports massage therapist with a diverse background in the horse industry. Working extensively with liberty horses in film, circus and live performance piqued Maggie’s interest in the biomechanical function of horses and how compensation patterns are formed and overcome. Maggie’s main focus these days is working with horses and their owners to optimise function and performance. Maggie is also studying a Bachelor of Equine Science and rides under the tutelage of Belinda Bolsenbroek.

Jessica Blackwell


Jessica Blackwell hails from a scientific background, but has a greater love for horses and Equine therapy.

She has multiple qualifications in the Equine therapy field (Sports Massage, Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Tissue Mobilisation, Biokinetics, Taping and Reiki) and has also done extensive study in Biomechanics, anatomy and exercise physiology.

Jessica has been a full time professional equine therapy practitioner since 2005 utilising not only her hands on techniques but also a range of other tools including ultrasound, infrasound, photonic therapy, microcurrent therapy, taping, laser therapy and more. She has been teaching since 2008 and has guest lectured at many events.

Her biggest passion is helping others learn how to be the best equine therapists they possibly can be.

Tanya Hind

General Committee

Tanya Hind of From Head to Tail Equine Therapies and Rehabilitation in NSW is a practioner with over 15 years in equine holistic health modalities.

Studying Equine Craniosacral Therapy under Maureen Rogers (USA) and then with the Upledger Institute.

Tanya uses Craniosacral and a variety of modalities including Reiki, Accupressure and Massage to address performance and behavioural issues in the horse.

Tanya is now studying Iridology to incorporate into her practice to catch problems before they manifest in the horse.

Ros Maindok

General Committee

Ros is our resident Red Light and biomechanics guru! With a background in pony club coaching and Rider Biomechanics, she has now turned her love to looking at the horse. Ros has a special love for anything red light, acupoint and meridian based and has trained under some of the best including Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Di Jenkins, Jean-Luc Cornille, Ruth Mitchell-Golliday, Dr Renee Tucker and Sharon May Davis.

Ros is qualified in Equine Sports Massage, Red Light Therapy, Bowen Therapy for Horses and Humans, Bodytalk for Animals, and Equine Reiki and has also studied Myofascial Release, EMMETT, Equine Raindrop Technique, TTOUCH, Craniosacral therapy and Biokinetics.

Maddysen Nation

General Committee

Maddy from EquiNation Therapies is a qualified equine myotherapist based in North East Victoria, and currently studying other bodywork modalities. Maddy has worked with horses her entire life from both a Veterinary Nursing background and extensive time spent in the racing and performance horse industry. She has much experience with a variety of different horses and is now directly involved with one of Victoria's brumby rehoming associations as a trainer.
Maddy's philosophy and passion is to help horses feel better, perform better, be understood better and understand themselves better. She works with both the horse's mind and body for a holistic treatment experience.

Mykel O'Connor

General Committee

Hello, my name is Mykel OConnor and I've been an animal lover my entire life. I got the horse bug early and have been riding, training and rescuing horses for many moons.
I studied to become an equine body worker, as I was continually seeing horses that 'weren't quite right'.
Today I am trained in multiple modalities and know that a sound equine body contributes greatly to a peaceful equine mind.
I joined the ETAA as I believe strongly that any therapy should be regulated and all professionals should engage in continuous education.
I am the very proud owner and practitioner of Equine Elements Australia, operating from Morisset NSW.

Melany Rowe

General Committee

Mel is an equine sports therapist, dip of remedial therapies and completing studies in equine lymphatic drainage and wrapping. Mel is also a part of the international research being conducted world wide to help gain deeper insight into equine lymphatic conditions and provide better tools and resources for owners and therapists.