About ETAA

Equine Therapies Association of Australia Inc (ETAA) was founded in mid 2013 by Jessica Blackwell (www.equestricare.com.au) and Kirsty Swinton (www.equinedynamics.com.au) two equine sports therapists in Australia who saw a need for an independent equine therapies association to provide support to members, networking opportunities and educational opportunities for therapists in the industry, as well as improve the recognition of qualifications in the industry.

Together with the support of a group of bodyworkers Australia wide the ETAA was born.

Our Mission

ETAA’s mission is to improve recognition, education and standards of equine therapies in Australia, to ensure the client receives services from a fully trained and qualified therapist and to maintain a high standard of practice and code of conduct by all it’s members.

Our Goals

  • To make education & knowledge in equine therapies accessible to the general public.
  • To fund educational opportunities and research in the fields of equine therapies.
  • To provide a code of conduct for members of the Association, and to ensure that the required standards are maintained.
  • To increase recognition of qualified equine practitioners in all fields of equine therapies. To foster communication between all types of equine therapies.
  • To maintain a database of qualified and student therapists

Committee Members

Christine Thompson


Christine Thompson is the owner of Equine Muscle Matters, specialising in equine bodywork and movement assessments & coaching (biomechanics). Christine has 20 years’ experience working in the equine industry, with qualifications including:

* Bachelor’s degree (with honours) in Equine Science
* Post Graduate Certificate in Equine Science
* Equinology Equine Body Worker
* Equestricare Certificate in Photonic Therapy
* Equitape kinesiology taping practitioner
* The Australian College of Eastern Medicine Certificate in Animal Dry Needling
* The Science of Motion student

Christine is passionate about ensuring the horses long-term soundness and rideability, incorporating a range of different techniques to help each individual horse.

As a member of the ETAA Christine is dedicated to promoting the recognition of qualified equine therapists which ensures that horses and their owners receive services from fully trained & qualified therapists, and to help to develop training & education opportunities for therapists throughout Australia.

Rachel Hookham

Vice Chair

Rachel Hookham of Prestige Equine in WA is a practitioner with an holistic approach. Rachel first studied with the Aust College of Equine Podiatherapy where she reaslised that to truly help the horse she needed to do more than address their feet. Rachel is now studying Equine Sports Massage and Tissue Mobilisation.

Maggie Ashley


Maggie is a sports massage therapist with a diverse background in the horse industry. Working extensively with liberty horses in film, circus and live performance piqued Maggie’s interest in the biomechanical function of horses and how compensation patterns are formed and overcome. Maggie’s main focus these days is working with horses and their owners to optimise function and performance. Maggie is also studying a Bachelor of Equine Science and rides under the tutelage of Belinda Bolsenbroek.

Jessica Blackwell


Jessica Blackwell hails from a scientific background, but has a greater love for horses and Equine therapy.

She has multiple qualifications in the Equine therapy field (Sports Massage, Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Tissue Mobilisation, Biokinetics, Taping and Reiki) and has also done extensive study in Biomechanics, anatomy and exercise physiology.

Jessica has been a full time professional equine therapy practitioner since 2005 utilising not only her hands on techniques but also a range of other tools including ultrasound, infrasound, photonic therapy, microcurrent therapy, taping, laser therapy and more. She has been teaching since 2008 and has guest lectured at many events.

Her biggest passion is helping others learn how to be the best equine therapists they possibly can be.

Sara-Jane Seery

Membership Officer

Sara-Jane has a passion for equines and etymology. Sara developed an interest in equine therapies and equine herbology to assist her elderly horse. She is interested in commencing her career as a therapist after completing her current studies in a Masters of Japanese Interpretation and Translation.

Angela Lemanis

General Committee

Angela Lemanis is a qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist and owner of 'Majestic Horse Equine Massage and Bodywork' – specialising in sports, remedial and maintenance massage therapy; Myofascial release; Photonic Red Light Therapy; Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Nerve Manipulation therapies; rehabilitation programs; passive and dynamic stretching; and energy assessment therapy to benefit the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of each horse.

A horse lover for as long as she can remember, Angela has worked extensively with rescue horses who have been abused, traumatised or neglected. Seeing horses in their worst physical condition and in their most vulnerable and fearful state has made Angela's resolve even greater – to help as many horses as possible enjoy health and wellbeing, and to feel, look and perform at their best.


General Committee

Position currently vacant


General Committee

Position currently vacant