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The Equine Therapies Association of Australia Inc
offers a number of membership options

So why should you join the ETAA?

First and foremost it’s the only independently run equine therapy association in Australia that puts all the money from fee’s back into educational and promotional opportunities for it’s members, such as conferences, workshops, stand at Equitana etc

As an incorporated not for profit association, the ETAA has not been designed to recognise a particular school or organisations members, but to recognise the qualifications of  a wider variety of therapies and courses.

How to join the ETAA?

Joining is easy!

Membership is approved on an individual basic.  To apply for membership use our online system on each of the membership specific websites or contact us for more details.

If you wish to apply for Schools membership, please email with the name of your school, the course you offer, and supporting documentation including:

  • Course title
  • Course details inc number of contact hours etc
  • Examples of course materials
  • Copy of Certificate


$110 per year

For those therapists qualified in one of our recognised fields. Annual professional development is required for this level of membership.


$69 per year

 Those practicing an Equine Therapy that is not yet a recognised modality or one with qualifications


$69 per year

For those studying under one of our recognised therapies. If you have a business or previously been under practitioner membership or any other level of membership you are not eligable for student membership


$199 per year

For those offering courses in one of our recognised therapies.