Equine Raindrop Technique for Horseowners Online


The ERT is a modality that uses a combination of essential oils and body work to bring electrical balance and structural alignment to the horse’s body. The ERT helps support and prevent a wide range of issues including combating sore backs, loosens muscles, supports arthritis, respiratory infections, laminitis, treats parasites, Lyme disease and boosts immune system.



The ERT derives its name from the process of dripping pure, unadulterated, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils onto the spine from a height of about 15cm (6 inches). This duplicates the effect of raindrops falling on the body; an action Native Americans believed to be cleansing and renewing to the body and the spirit. As the oil falls towards the body it interacts with the energy field (aura) of the recipient.

The Online ERT for Horse Owners Course explores the origins of the modality, a summary of ancient healing modalities and four comprehensive case studies. There are detailed chapters exploring the
chemistry and constituents of essential oils, along with key information regarding the energetic frequency of essential oils which is vital knowledge for understanding why the ERT is so powerful.

The tuition fee for this course is $250 PLUS you will need to purchase a Young Living essential oil Raindrop Kit. The purchasing options for the essential oils are explained in our course prospectus.

Please email us to request a copy of the prospectus or click here to purchase the Raindrop Kit.

This course fee includes:

  • ERT for Horse Owner’s Manual
  • 5-week online aromatherapy course
  • Instructional Video on how to perform the ERT

You will learn:

  • History of the technique
  • How to perform the technique
  • Properties of essential oils
  • Essential oil selection
  • Essential oil application
  • Safety protocols and documentation
  • Ailments specifically supported by the technique

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