Equine Therapy Super Torch




This torch is designed for the horse owner or therapist who really wants a laser but it’s out of their price range.

It has 5 diodes of 630nm: 660nm: 420nm: 850nm: pulsed 900nm which covers the spectrum’s of blue, red, near infra red and infra red penetrating to a depth of 3mm.

Research has shown that using a full spectrum of light can not only treat more conditions but penetrate a lot deeper within the tissues from the Epidermis right down to bone.



  • 5 Settings
  • 630nm: 660nm: 420nm: 850nm: 900nm
  • 5 x 3W
  • Battery 2500mAh
  • Input 3.7v
  • Stainless Steel
  • Button control for 5 minute cycles

Comes with torch, two batteries, charger, manual, glasses and case.


Additional information

Weight.500 kg

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