Photobiomodulation Torch


This torch is like three torches in one!!  It has power setting equivalent to both the Photonic Health Light and the Pro Light in one little torch!!




The AAH PBM Light

  • 10 times larger surface area than standard AAH Light and is intended for faster relief of joint pain, wound healing and working with larger body areas.
  • Incorporates 9 super red LEDs, 3 near IR LEDs and a 40Hz optimal healing frequency.
  • Designed with three healing settings –

1. 660nm, 500mW continuous red
Solid red releases tight muscles, accelerates healing new wounds, opens energy when tracing the meridian lines.

2. 660nm 750mW continuous red AND near IR 810nm
A combination setting includes the near IR and therefore will penetrate deeper for joints and muscles.

3. 660nm 750mW continuous red AND near IR 810nm PLUS a 40Hz optimal healing frequency
This powerful setting is reserved for the older, deeper and tougher issues we encounter.

  • The settings advance with a gentle tap of the toggle switch, just as you do with the standard AAH Light.
  • PBM light and head are designed to be compatible with the existing AAH Light base and battery.



  • 3.7v Li-Ion 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Canvas belt holster with a metal belt clip
  • Removable Lanyard with size control

Please Note:  Chargers are not included.


Additional information

Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 cm

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