Raindrop Technique for Practitioners Online Course


This is the first accredited training provided in this unique modality which uses a combination of essential oils and body work to bring electrical balance and structural alignment to the horse’s body.



The ERT Practitioners Online Course explores the origins of the modality, a summary of ancient healing modalities and extensive case studies. There are detailed chapters exploring the chemistry and constituents of essential oils, along with key information regarding the energetic frequency of essential oils which is vital knowledge for understanding why the ERT is so powerful. The ERT impacts on acupressure points which are also explored in this course along with chakras and the emotional influences of the ERT. The course also includes identification of the oils used in the ERT; the order of use along with their individual properties is also covered in significant detail. This includes how and when to substitute oils.

The tuition fee for this course is $880 PLUS you will need to purchase a Young Living essential oil Raindrop Kit. Purchasing options are explained in our course prospectus.

Please email us to request a copy of the prospectus.

The course fee includes:

  • A comprehensive training manual including extensive case studies
  • 5-week online aromatherapy course
  • Instructional DVD on how to perform the ERT
  • E-book “Essential Oils Simple Reference Manual”
  • Certificate of competency on successful completion

You will learn:

  • History of the technique
  • Properties of essential oils
  • Essential oil selection
  • Essential oil application
  • Energy frequency of essential oils
  • Emotions and essential oils
  • How to perform the technique
  • ERT and acupressure points
  • Safety protocols
  • Ailments specifically supported by the technique

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