SpectraVET Class 3R Laser


Super-Pulsed Laser Probe with 4 protruding individual lenses which provide the most efficient application through hair coats.

  • Inflammation
  • Tissue Repair
  • Deep Tissue
  • Long Thick Coats

Suitable for amateur and professional use.


Available on backorder




• One SpectraVET Class 3R Laser head & Zeus Control Unit.

The ZEUS control unit has a set treatment timer and Continuous wave setting.  This unit is ideal for the rookie user, and takes all the guess work out of using a laser.

• Leather Carry Case
• Protective glasses
• Protocols Handbook
• Instruction booklet
• 3yr Warranty

Laser Therapy is phototherapy using low intensity laser light to modulate biological process. By controlling the amount of light and how it is delivered into the tissue, we can then control the photochemical processes taking place in living tissue to produce the desired therapeutic outcomes.

SpectraVET Laser Therapy provides a highly-effective, well-tolerated, drug-and-side-effect free method of treatment for injuries, wounds, surgical incisions, orthopeadic procedures, fractures, neurological conditions, numerous dermatological problems, inflammation and chronic and acute pain.

Rugged in design and fully portable the SpectraVET laser can add value to your business and offer your clients an alternative treatment to NSAIDs for their animals. Drugs do not heal injuries but Laser Therapy does



Total Power Output
200 mW (Average) 100 W (Peak)
# of Laser Diodes4
Output Power per Laser (AVERAGE)50 mW
Output Power per Laser (PEAK)25 W
Wavelength904 +/- 5 nm
Laser TypeGaAs
Beam Divergence9 x 38 degrees
Laser ClassificationClass 3R
NOHD17.5 cm
Safety Eyewear RequirementOD2 min at 904 nm
Aperture Size (4 Aperatures)5 mm each aperture
Spot Size per Laser (Contact)4 x 3.6 mm (eliptical)
Power Density per Laser0.45 W/cm2
LED Guide Lightnominal output
Delivers 1 Joule in20 seconds (per Laser)
Dose per Minute (Joules)12 (3 J per Laser)

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