Amy Townsing

Wendara Equine Wellness Centre

Equine Muscle Release Therapy / Equine Red Light Therapy / Myofascial Release / Myofunctional Therapy / Equine Podiotherapy

Jacinda Moss

Equine Performance & Rehabilitation Solutions

BAppSc, Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, Equine Craniosacral Level 2, Dip Animal Acupuncture, ESMT, Cert Eq Taping, Cert 3 Equine Sports Coaching

Kate Williams

Happy Horse Sports Therapy

Equine Sports Massage, Masterson Method, Equi Tape, Photonic Therapy

Erin Webber

Erin Webber Massage

Masterson Method Practitioner & QLD coach, Tucker Biokinetics, Laser Therapy, Tapping, Craniosacral, osteopathic articulation techniques, Healy frequency device

Melissa Longhurst

Equine Body Balance

Equine Bodyworker / Saddle Fitting

Marcy Agnew

Attentive Hands Equine Therapy

Equine Sports Massage

Courtney Bolitho

Alligned Equine

BSc Equine Science, Equine Sports Massage

Kim Gardner

Emmett Technique / Equine Sports Massage

Ross Emmett

Emmett Therapies

Emmett 4 animals

Tracy Joyce

NQ Equine Therapies

RMT & Equine Therapist

Katrina Nicol

KJ’s Equine Touch

Emmett Technique, Equine Acupuncture

Beth Martin

Stride Out Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Equine Sports Massage

Jackie Bratley

JB Equine Balance

Emmett Technique

Terese Roozendaal

All Sorts Equine Therapies

Equine Sports Massage

Kerin Cullen

Kerin Cullen Equine Services

Equine Bodyworker / Equitape Practitioner

Louisa Nicholson-Ruivo

Balance Equine Services

Equine Sports Therapy / Photonic Therapy

Elisa Moebius

EM Equine Sports Therapy

Equine Sports Massage,Tissue Mobilisation, Myofascial Release, Kinesiology Taping

Sabrina Stephens

Hands-On Equine sports Massage & Therapy

Equine Sports Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Photonic Therapy, Kinesiology Taping, Tucker Biokinetics, Masterson Method, EMMETT, Equine Muscle release Therapy, Equissage

Brian Smith

Equine Sports Massage

Christine Thompson

Equine Muscle Matters

Equine Bodyworker / Equitape Practitioner / Photonic Therapy / Dry Needling

Area serviced: South East Qld

Adelle Walsh

One Horse 1 Health

Equine Sports Therapy/ Level 1 EMMETT

Andrea Mulhare

Hands on Horses Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy & Raindrop Technique

Maggie Ashley

Maggie Ashley Equine Therapeutic Massage

Equine Sports Massage & Photonic Therapy

Kylie Jackson

Kylie Jackson- Equine Sports Therapist

Equine Sports Massage, Equine Tissue Mobilisation, Saddle Fit Assessment

Jessica Faint

Full Stride Equine Therapy

Equine Sports Massage

Kyrie de Jong

KdJ Equine

Equine Sports Massage

Vanessa Burton

Equiflexions Massage & Body Solutions

Equine Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Mobilisation, Kinesiology Taping, Tucker Biokinetics, Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Equissage, Sure Foot Pads

Sheree Parkin

Simply Massage for Horses and Humans

Equine Sports Massage

Whitney Bennett

Free Stride Equine Therapies

Equine Sports Massage, Bachelor of Equine Science

Areas serviced: Lockyer Valley & Darling Downs

Tome Hensel

Equine recharge

Equine recharge

Chantelle Fielding

Combined Equine Therapy

Diploma Equine & Canine Acupuncture, Equine Reiki Level 1, Photonic Therapy, EPR Level 1, Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Tissue Mobilisation, Saddle Fit

Brittney Anning

Equalize Equine Therapy

Equine sports massage, Tissue mobilisation, Red light therapy, kinesiology taping

Area serviced: South East Queensland

Sonja Naumann

Equine Photonic Therapy, Equine Reiki Level 1, Equine Sports Massage

Riona Edwards

Equine Sports Massage, Bachelor of Equine Science

Angela Lemanis

Majestic Horse Equine Massage & Bodywork

Equine Myofunctional Therapy

Area serviced: Sunshine Coast (Caboolture to Gympie, Maleny to Imbil)